Beauty Queens, Burritos and A Cameo on New Zealand’s National News


Rhys  = Enthusiasm.

I learnt this interesting fact a few years ago, when interviewed by a panel of Sunday School children.  They’d spent their time doing their research and had concluded that the meaning of ‘Rhys’, in old Welsh, was ‘Enthusiasm’; strictly speaking it’s ‘ardour’ but that’s perhaps a semantic stretch for a 6 yr old. It was somewhat of an epiphany moment for me as certain personal characteristics, not to mention career choices, started to align around this singular thread.  I am, by name and nature, an enthusiast.

Enthusiasm (adj.) = ‘intense enjoyment, interest or approval’.

Most people who know me would say this was a state I often found my self in and that I am so prompted by a number of things.  These include, but are not limited to:  Bacon, CrossFit, Grammar, Welsh matters, Stationery, Apple products and a healthy slice of Jesus.  My friends know I like these things because when talking about them I become all the more animated, gesticulative and, in a sense, alive. What Enthusiasm is not, is a vain disregard of the facts or circumstances with a view to placing oneself in a fantasy world.  That is another word i.e. ‘Escapism’.  That, or recreational medication.  Enthusiasm, as a much loved old pastor of mine once said, is an active choice.

There are many things in the world we could criticise or bemoan but how much more edifying is it, for you or those around you, to talk about what you LOVE!  I don’t pretend that things aren’t hard and things can be challenging at times but when you choose to look for the things to celebrate then life really does come good. 

There is plenty of negativity or things to pull you down but what you choose to focus on, will ultimately consume you. 

So be like me and acknowledge the facts, be committed to driving change where you can but be wise enough to focus on your ‘locus of control’ and , moreover, your passion.  Like this old adage by Reinhold Niebuhr.
I have heaps more that I could and will say about ‘Enthusiasm’ (I may well even take it out of speech marks at some point).  The tune of this blog will follow this active ‘life choice’. amongst other things. But until then, I thought I would share a chance cameo which will hopefully illustrate my point wonderfully.  Out on a lunch break from work I stumbled across a feature on ‘Beauty Queens and Burritos’.  I was keen to help where I could.  I’m an Enthusiast, you see.  It’s what we do.

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  1. Kat says:

    I love it! Very well-written Rhys. I do see lots of enthusiasm for grammar (amongst many other things) shining through splendidly! Looking forward to reading more ramblings


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