Sunday Sessions #1: Sowing – So What?

Something a little different, but a segment that is a long time coming.  CAUTION:  Jesus gets a fair mention 🙂 I’ve never been one to try and force my opinions/beliefs onto other people but am a massive keano about sharing things that get me excited – which is where this new section is coming from….

How Rhys Lost 10% Body Fat in 6 Months

My first ever fitness interview.  It’s only about 7 minutes long and packed full of stuff that has helped me.  Hope there is something in there for you too.   Also check out all the blogs for CrossFit Ignite – the trainers and their culture is awesome, genuinely, but so is their content.  Check them out!

How Self-Investment is Bringing Sexy Back. Kinda.

  Seasons The change in season Down Under has had me thinking.  While the changes aren’t anywhere near as drastic or noticeable as in the Northern hemisphere, there has definitely been a shift.  Humans have responded to seasons since we were hunter/gatherers so it’s hard-wired into us that new weather, new air, new hours of…