Net Worth Update Movember -$39,174.29



Total Net Worth $-39174.29

Liabilities: $-19,706.29

Actual Variance from Last Month: $-1315 


Wins This Month

Fundraising for Charidee

When you are working towards the goal of Freedom from Debt, or any financial goals for that matter, it is take a step back, evaluate and have the conversation over what is/isn’t essential expenditure.  One of the first things to go from the list of outgoings can be gifts and charitable donations – this, to me, is a massive shame.

“The world of the generous gets larger and larger; the world of the stingy gets smaller and smaller. The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed” – Proverbs 11:24-26 MSG

When you help out others, they’re not the only one to benefit.  Indeed some people say that there can be no true altruism as we often give to others for how it makes us feel.  Whatever your motivation, once you have a clear road-map to get your self out of debt, it is important to remember to factor in the things that give you joy then to work out how you can realistically keep them going.  For me knowing I am helping others, even in some small way, is a massive motivator.  Stripping that out would make me a very dull boy indeed

One of the charities I give to on a regular basis is $3 a month so it’s not mega bucks – it’s about knowing what you can spare.  We should always be giving out of what we actually HAVE, i.e. giving off a credit card that puts you further in debt is probably not the wisest.  Remember that the beauty/pain of getting your self out of debt is developing financial habits that you will carry on after that goal is fulfilled.  As the above proverb says, giving ‘expands your life’ and makes sure you are always focusing on the bigger picture.  Whatever I do throughout this long windy, scab-picking journey of ridding my self of this chain about my neck, I never want to lose sight of my ‘why’, and that is to be more of a blessing to those around me.

On that note I’m still collecting for the unfortunate growth on my face aka Movember.  A phenomenal cause to help combat Mental Health and support Suicide Prevention in Men.  Feel free to send a  few dollars here if you are able!

Spins This Month

Going Backwards!

I never really enjoy a month that goes backwards.  This month My Net Worth has dropped by $1K which, while only a  3% increase, still royally sucks arse, as it were.  Earnings from one particular income stream were somewhat flat this month and there were a few projects I needed to fork out for meaning I haven’t had the money to spare to pay as much off the debt as I would have liked.  Le Sigh.

It is actually incredibly frustrating, especially when the numbers seem so large and the progress so slow, but as with the above point it’s important to remember the big picture and see how far I’ve come.  With that in mind I’m not self-flagellating TOO much with a willow branch.  Next month will be better.

In one of my old Sales roles I was told “When you’re not earning, you’re learning” and while the smug smile on the deliverer of said phrase near incited me to violence, the principle behind it is true.  It’s all about the long game after all!

Until Next Time Finance Fans!

Much love, me.




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