Mission 15% Body Fat – Aka Make Paz Less Podgy: Result


A few weeks ago I had my final Dexa Scan for the year and came out at 14.1% Body Fat – The leanest I have ever been in my little Welsh life.  The goal had been 15% for almost two years so reaching this point nearly had me doing a nude victory lap of the Opera House.  We can all be thankful that I didn’t go through with that but what I did want to do was share a little bit of how I got here, and hopefully help you with your goals in the process!

A Little Background

As a child and then as a teenager and for most of my young adult life I had been a tad on the plump side.  A massive love for food, a preference of books and video games over team sports, not to mention the ‘lads’ in PE rarely choosing me for anything apart from a goal post, all combined to an ever expanding waistline.  I wasn’t unhappy with my weight initially but over time it did start to knock my confidence.

The issue was I had built my eating and my fitness routine, or lack thereof, on some seriously unhealthy habits.  The key barrier to achieving most goals is often not the massive boulder you think you can see in front of you, moreover the series of small decisions, habits and limiting self beliefs you have picked up along your way.  It was in addressing those that I was able to finally reach the goal I set down for my self.

Mission 15%


It was about 15 Months ago that I decided to get brutal with my focus on getting my body down to an optimal 15% Body Fat.  My trainer had advised me that this would have me looking lean but also in a position where I could still perform well in training.  It has been a roller coaster of up and downs and while there have been definitive spikes of progress, there has  been no magic bullet for me!  In fact the bulk of it I’ve already covered in my earlier post here – ultimately  it has been a lot of putting one foot in front of the other.  I dont even have my dream six pack yet and getting even to this point feels like a taken me so long but a milestone like this, as with any long term goal, is something for me to celebrate before I charge off onto my next little project.

Celebrating Success

As someone who holds him self to a high bar, celebrating success is something I often dont stop to do – but without a moment of reflection, reviewing how far we’ve come it’s easy to make life a conveyor belt of tick boxes and KPIS.  I’m also an emotional human being so taking a look in the mirror at my Salt N Peppa visage with a big smile is a solid deposit into the emotional investment tank!


One of the key drivers for me was a picture I had in my head of me standing in some cosy little Speedos on my ‘home’ beach of Bronte, Sydney.  I had fallen in love with that beach when I first moved over and would often see ripped Surf Life Savers or general Aussie lithe-types running around in these speedos.  At the time I first arrived the closest I would come to that would be eating a Pie in a Poncho.  The Primary goal had to been to get healthy and fit and in doing so shed Body Fat – just having an aesthetic goal would have left me disillusioned when I didnt start to look like a Russian athlete after 14 days eating Salad.  That said, having a visual in your head of what success would look like can be a super strong motivator.  Once I hit my target I picked my self up a pair of Speedos (hence this super secretive Insta post) and got my self these photos done below.  Mission Accomplished!

IMG_0697 (1).JPG

So what next?

Now that I am a little more on the lithe side, my goal is to get my self building some solid muscle in line with my Welsh rugby player heritage.  I’m hoping that with a new focus on heavier weights, explosive movements, Calisthenics and some functional fitness it will will push me in the right direction but, more than anything, I’m sure it will take the same time, sweat, investment and evaluation to get me there.

What about you?

If you’re anywhere on this same journey as I am, stay focussed and keep going! I hope this has given you a smudge of #inspo.

I’m no pro but am super passionate about people reaching their goals so please hit me up with your stories!


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