Losing my Religion…

…but still loving Jesus!


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  1. Chris Walsh says:

    Wise wise words Rhys! This has given me plenty to think about after spending Easter together with my Catholic Christian community at my parish. I always hold onto what I was told by Sr Vivienne, a nun in our parish at the time I came out. ‘We are all made in God’s image and God does not make rubbish – be true to the spirit that God gave you and always strive to do His will.’ Happy Easter my friend.

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    1. Parry Badkin says:

      Thanks Chris. I absolutely love that!


  2. emmaorussell says:

    I watched your clip with a sense of familiarity, sadness and anger. It makes me angry that you have tried and been told to try and ignore your sexuality. It makes me sad that you have gone, and are still going through such pain. I feel a sense of familiarity, because I also lost my religion. I studied Religious studies at University – quite different to Theology. But, one thing it made me was less and less religious. Since my degree, I have always said that I am spiritual, but not religious. Mainly because my studies developed an awareness that Religion is man made, and like everything that is man made, it has faults. But also, that some people need rules and boundaries that religion provides in order to live their life… but not everyone. I lost my religion a long time ago, but I still kept my spirituality.

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    1. Parry Badkin says:

      It’s sad to see so many people lose their sense of belonging/affiliation but if you can get your peace in amongst it, hopefully not shutting the door on Jesus, then that’s a victory in and of itself!


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