Money: A Love Story



If you haven’t been listening to ‘The Money’ Podcast I would seriously recommend you get involved.  They are short little snippets of thought provoking content on economics and personal finance.

They’ve just started this nifty little series called ‘Money: It’s Personal’ too.   As the primary awkward turtle out there, this podcast takes money and teases out all the awks in the interest of creating a conversation.  Super interesting!

The most recent episode, found here, talks about how money affects our most intimate relationships.  Can you be in a relationship with someone who has radically different views on money?  How much transparency is right?  When is it a deal breaker? How do you even talk about it?

More powerful than your relationship with money and other people is the power of how YOU interact with those dollar bills.  If you want to engage on a journey of self-discovery around that I’d suggest Money: A Love Story by Kate Northrup.  It’s geared towards women but even as a Super Masc Gent like my self, I got some solid learning.

What Does Personal Finance Look Like for You? Remember that money is a reflection of how and where you place value.

Have a Quick Word with your self and See!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Personal finance currently looks like a a huge elephant that I’m keeping at an arms length. This is an improvement from when it looked like a crazed monkey with rabies though.

    In the future hopefully we can be friends.


    1. Parry Badkin says:

      That is a great analogy!

      It’s definitely an interesting cha cha. The important thing for me is to celebrate your successes and focus on the small steps/habits that contribute to where you’re going!


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