Net Worth Update October


Net Worth = -$27,738.14

Total Liabilities = $18,649

Variance from Last Month $5,195 😊

It has been a lifetime since I updated on Net Worth  –  bad bad form.  To put it frankly, life has been a whirlwind, a wonderful one albeit!  


As a reminder, the premise of these Net Worth Updates is to keep me accountable to clearing the consumer debt but also keep the conversation flowing about the most awkward turtle of all: Personal Finance.  Lack of financial literacy, not to mention social taboos around discussing money, leave many of us in very hot, expensive water.  The more we can learn from real life examples the better.  Also, when my personal book of life reaches its philanthropic finale, it will be these formative chapters I will refer back to for a (bumpy) road map to success.

I feel like I can almost taste my debt free milestone (December 31st) but it is going to take some serious hustle.  Encouragement or Cajoling gratefully received 🙂

Wins and Spins below! As ever, I hope you find this useful!  



A Healthy Tax Return of $3565

Thank you Mr Tax Man.  The wonderful ATO reimbursed me for courses I had taken earlier in the year that would benefit my business.  Some people leave their tax return unfiled for years but if you’re not running a property portfolio in 20 countries, it isn’t too hard to lodge.  My mates at Pocketbook have a cheap and easy tool so if you haven’t done so already, check them out here.

Moving into a Beautiful New Home.  See Photo!


(Front Yard!)


Let’s put ‘The romance of moving in with the most wonderful gent you’ll ever meet’ to one side for a mo, has to be said that sharing expenses and having someone around who shares your money philosophy is worth its weight in bitcoin on steroids.  It’s solid truth that you are the product of the people you surround your self with – make sure you are ‘doing life’ with people who are on the same journey  or better, further down the road to financial freedom.  There will always be naysayers who, threatened by your progress, will restrain your vision or even take you backwards.  No need to bin off friends like that, but don’t go to them for financial advice.

Starting a New Job

I was blessed enough to find a wonderful new employer that not only  earnestly rewards  its hard working employees, it really looks after them too.  Still, it’s the fact that this company lives and breathes the same life values as I that has really proved the seismic shift.  When dealing with personal finance you have to be ready to really front up with where you are and how you operate.  The more considered transparency and congruency you can bring the better.  Are you bringing the same values wherever you go?  If not where is the discord coming from and what is the impact on those precious resources (time/money/relationships).


Moving into a Beautiful New Home.  See Photo!


(Tin House of Titillating Temptation)

Obviously moving into the beautiful new pad brought some extra spends that I would do normally, all within budget but did mean there was less to be thrown at the debt pile this month.  A happy trade off this once 🙂


Direct Debit Course to Lump Sum

I made the decision to pay off the final portion of my health coaching course with a credit card I had to hand.  As much as I hate using the CCs, I hated MORE having my debts spread out everywhere, not least having any more parties than strictly necessary to which I find my self beholden.  AKA If I feel anyone has control over my life I start to operate like the plastic mule in the kids game buckaroo (not pretty).  The bible is bob on when it says that the borrower is slave to the lender (Prov 22:7) as there are other parties that have power over not just your spending, but your priorities and decisions.  No likey.

Credit Card use for me is limited to positively accruing assets, given that the course will bring a return for my coaching business I was cool to use it this once.  If I get a craving to inhale 365 Krispy Cremes on the way home however, I should only be paying with cash (or overwhelming remorse)

Paying off the interest accruing sum that was left has given me more control over where and when I pay but does mean that the Net Worth tracker took a dive backwards!


Until Next Time Finance Fans! 😊


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