Net Worth Update: November



Net Worth = -$32,353

Total Liabilities = $24,684.33

Variance from Last Month = $6035.33  




Well this month was a bit of a smack in the frontal cortex.  Having walked away from last month feeling super positive about my self, I realised I had listed one of the figures in the wrong currency i.e. GBP.  Because that pesky pound is stronger than the Aussie dollar it does mean that summatively, I am worse off than I thought.


Being honest, I really did consider trying to find a way to spin this into a positive but it hurts, much like my ever expanding waistline does as it gets strangled by my skinny jeans.  I’ve got to be honest with my self here (about the balance and the bulge) and own it.  Only then can you really move forward.  I’m throwing my self into a few revenue generating activities this month to help turn the tables so come hell or lycra high waisted pants – I’m going to turn this around.




Side Hustling

While my coaching business is getting off the starting blocks, I have taken back on some tutoring hours in Parramatta. It does kill two birds with one stone as it means I get to work with awesome little geniuses while lining my pockets with a small bit of dollar.  My challenge here is to ensure I dont try and overdo the hours – time for me and time for my favourite person need to be factored in around this.

Plan is to have the client base full for the coaching business as of January meaning tutoring is off the cards and I can work my business around my life.


Gainful Employment

I have zero intentions of quitting the day job however as I love it with all my little Welsh heart.  Finding a company whose values and drive you can rally around is worth its weight in Golden Gaytime Crumbs.  Not only that but their rewards and perks mean I have extra cash set aside that can be flung in the direction of my liabilty pile.  Double Winner, Chicken Dinner.



Selling Me Softly

Aside from the painful realisation that I had been calculating in the wrong currency, the main spin this month has been not yet being on top of my sales game.  More sales = more revenue = more of a dent my debt.  I quite regularly make a rod for my own back by holding my self to a too high a standard but it’s hard not to when you are aiming to be ‘financially free’.  Dave Ramsey says you should chase after financial freedom like a Cheetah fleeing the grips of a predator – in the age of compound interest and saccharine sweet marketing for Payday Loans, you do have to be ruthless with your self.

Ruthlessness however, does not translate for the selling game, it’s more how can I add as much value as possible, the deals follow later.  It’s equally a very positive way to live your life.  So off I go to try and make as much of a difference as I can, meet the need where it counts most and I’m pretty sure the income stream will be gushing in no time.


Watch this increasingly financially literate space!


Love and admiration, me x

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